Changes at THE FIRM®

As of August 2010, Bruce Colfin has opened his own practice of law at Bruce Colfin Law, P.C., 1178 Broadway, Suite 312, New York, NY 10001. THE FIRM ® phone number and email addresses continue to be 212 691 5630 and    Bruce Colfin can be reached directly at

Providing business law services to the entertainment, intellectual property, and media industries including trademarks and copyrights, Bruce Colfin will provide personal services, consulting, contract drafting, litigation, trademark searches, copyright and trademark registrations, and general business law, including the formation of businesses and real estate.

“For 28 years I have represented people and companies in all entertainment related matters. I’ve spent my entire adult life in the entertainment business. I’ve been a roadie, a live audio engineer, a video producer and director, a media business owner/publisher, and have been practicing law in the industry since 1982.”

THE FIRM ® also provides legal services in the trademark and copyright area for all sorts of businesses, many of which are not entertainment related, such as pottery manufacturers, jewelry and clothing designers, retail stores of all types, spas, games, and commercial products of any nature.

Bruce continues as a Professor at Five Towns College in Dix Hills, NY., where he teaches Music Business Contracts as well as Music Publishing and Copyrights.

Perhaps I can be of service to you. Please also refer anyone who may need my assistance. Please call me with any questions. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Click the link at the bottom of the home page to reach Mr. Colfin’s former business partner, Jeffrey E. Jacobson.

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