Bruce Colfin Law, PC., THE FIRM ® provides creative, personal and cost effective contract, trademark, copyright, consulting and litigation services for individuals and businesses in all creative fields including, music, sound recordings, audio and video, film,  internet, theater, comics, fashion, toys, international licensing, and sports.

We represent business owners, artists, small companies, audio and video producers, songwriters, authors, film makers,  directors, managers, and commercial products and ventures including publishers, record labels, jewelry and clothing designers, food and beverage producers, pottery manufacturers, stores, spas, games, professional services of various types and assorted gizmos and gadgets. See the Clients page to view a sampling of the people and companies we have represented through the years.

“Although I have been practicing law since 1982, my involvement in the entertainment and creative arts and media business began in 1971 as a roadie. I’ve been a live concert sound engineer, stage manager for reggae star Peter Tosh on the Rolling Stones 1978 summer tour, a music video producer and cable television director for 8 years in New York, a personal manager for Mick Taylor and tour manager for Inner Circle, and executive producer and publisher of an 11 hour series of educational videos on various topics of Entertainment Law. I have been a member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences as well as the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for many years”

“My love of teaching is just another aspect of my interest in the entertainment businesses.”  The Fall 2019 semester begins Professor Bruce Colfin’s 21st year at Five Towns College in Dix Hills, New York. Professor Colfin is an Associate Professor, teaching Music Business Contracts, Business Ethics, as well as Music Publishing and Copyright. He was inducted into the school’s Phi Sigma Eta Honor Society in 2003.